cabi Women’s Fashion (social-selling)



How can a direct-selling fashion brand grow in the face of online shopping and subscription models?



Direct-selling, or social-selling, is a multi-billion dollar industry. Individuals using their homes to host shopping parties for friends was once a compelling concept - Tupperware being an early pioneer. 

However, over time, the category experienced negative stigma and all brands suffered as a result. Now with online shopping and subscription models (Amazon Wardrobe, Stitch Fix, etc.), the concept faced additional competition. Outside of its fan base, the category was not thought to be a true alternative for clothes shopping. Our challenge was how to change that for cabi, a brand that had built a very successful business, but wanted further growth.

Our work clearly outlined the way forward, and how the concept of the business could be viewed through a new, progressive lens that made it desirable to a far larger group of shoppers and recruits.

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