Werner Ladders



How to improve cross-sell and up-sell within a product line.



Werner is the #1 brand in ladders. Starting with observation of ladder users and their shopping behavior, we worked to identify the different roles digital pre-shopping and in-store product packaging played in the selection process. We identified how gaps in that shopping behavior, and the way in which products were being displayed at retail, were limiting up-selling and cross-selling.

We then worked with Werner’s internal design group to reframe feature/functionality messaging at each step in the shopping journey, and advised on the redesign of product packaging and digital IA.

The project culminated in a store simulation exercise that tested new versus existing packaging, simulating its ability to generate up-sell or cross-sell at retail. New packaging and merchandising launched nationally in 2018.

Other Werner assignments

  • Product prototype testing.

  • National ladder owner study.

  • Target audience personas development